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Recent Sermons

2013 Sermons
Embrace your responsibility
This is no time to pray
The disproportionate life
Origin of Irresponsibility
Free though GODs power
Freedom a new creation
What is baptism
Reaching the millennials
The meaning of life
Resurrection Sunday
The triumphal entry
Gifts and abilities
What does the bible say about the heart
The meaning of life
What does the bible say about self
What does the bible say about Getting Older
What does the bible say about Forgiveness
Can we trust the bible
Remove the barriers
2013 Challenge
2012 Sermons
Waiting again
Do we matter to GOD
Break the silence
Preparing your voice
A voice for revival
We need a spiritual crisis
Revival and Out Children
What Happens in Revival
Do We Have Passion
What to be Passionate About
Purpose of Edgemere Bible Church Experience
Purpose of Edgemere Bible Church worship
The world will not understand
My Grandmom
It outght to be joy
Jesus defines disciple
A preview of what is to come as a follower of Christ
Instructions for the follower
How will you respond
Christian or follower of Christ
Be Prepared
How do we know Jesus rose again
Why did Jesus have to die
Question Objections Rejections Regarding Jesus
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Spiritual Life
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Friendships
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Finances
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Decision Making
Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Lives
Jesus is at the Door
If I Could Do It Again
Sanctity of Life
The Big Table
Stand Firm
Wise Goals for 2012
2011 Sermons
God Is With Us
What Will You Find at Christmas
Childlike Faith
Why Do We Need a Savior
Your Funeral
Are You A Living Sacrifice
How To Know You Are Growing
Working Out Our Salvation
Do Not Mock God
God's Standards
Choosing A Foundation
Joy in the Trials of Life
Lord is it I
Our Final Home
The Great White Throne Judgement
The Millennial Kingdom
Battle of Armageddon
The Tribulation Continued
The Tribulation
The Rapture Part 2
The Rapture
The Church Age
The risk of a dream
To dream again
Shattered Dreams
In the World Not of It
It is Finished
Jesus Talks About Hell
Get Behind Me Satan
The Gates of Hades Shall Not Prevail
First Shall be Last
They Don't Know
Time for the Church to Get Better
Healing or Forgiveness
As in the Days of Noah
Finding Us Faithful
Sharing One to One
Day of Rage
Grading Your Relationship with Christ
What is Faith
How to Have Peace
May 21, 2011
2010 Sermons
Missionary Steve Poston
The real meaning of Christmas
Just like Jesus
If GOD really loved us
Birth Pangs 2
What does not a Christial make?
What does having a burden look like?
Developing a Burden
Challenge to the Church
Lie 10 GOD Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Lie 9 We Must Choose Between GODs Pleasure and Our Own
Lie 8 The FALL Ruined GOD's Plan
Lie 7 GOD Does Not Know Our Decisions Before We Make Them
Lie 6 GOD Takes No Responsibility for Natural Disasters
Lie 5 GOD is Obligated to Save Followers of Other Religions
Lie 4 GOD has never personally suffered
Lie 3 GOD Is More Tolerant Than He Used To Be
Lie 2 Many Paths Lead Into GOD's Presence
Lie 1 GOD is Whatever We Want Him To Be
Free Grace
No Reserve No Retreat No Regrets
What is Your Story
Talking About Moms
Talking About Friends
Second Changes
A New Normal
He is Risen
Talking about Heaven
Talking about Hell
Talking about Death
Talking about Demons
Talking about Angels
Is Being Wealthy Wrong
Can I believe the Bible
The State of Our Church
2009 Sermons
What is Christmas
The Conclusion of Romans
Night is Almost Over
Matters of the Conscience
Make my life a living
Is Israel Cast Away for Good
A Stumbling Block
Hard News for the Jews
The Romans Road
Children of GOD
Living in the Spirit
The Conflict Within Us
Slave to Righeousness
Growing Up
Gift of Justification Through Faith
Results of Justification Through Faith
What Saved the Old Testament Saints
It is more than I can do
Am I Good
Judging a problem
Why we need a burden to share
Our Position, Our Message, Our Burden
Will they find us faithful
What are we to do
Traveling Light
Good Dirt
Traveling Light
Living a Christian Life is Just Like Learning to Play a Banjo
What will you do with Jesus
Is Satan Real
Cant We All Just Get Along
Be Blessed or Get Rich
Being Different
GODs Financial Advice
Peripherals Of Marriage
I Love Lasagna
The Foundation of Marriage
First Things First
Serving Leftovers
2008 Sermons
A New Year's Resolution
No Room for Jesus
Reverand Ken Tipton EBC 25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary Challenge
We Have Something to Share
The Need to Serve
Acting Like Jesus or Becoming Like Jesus
What is Wrong With the Church
What am I to do in the Church
What is the Church
Purpose of Edgemere Bible Church Part 2
Purpose of Edgemere Bible Church Part 1
Questions in Genisis
Tower of Babel
Noah and the Ark Part 2
Noah and the Ark
Noah an Example for Us
A Life of Wandering
Deliverer Not Hardly
Consequences of the Fall
Man's Fall
Timing of Genesis
GOD the Creator
In the Beginning GOD
A Time to Fight
Eye on the Prize
Run the Risk
Compliment the Culture
Resolve to Resoul
Danger Danger
The Choices We Make
Hope from an Empty Tomb
Heart of a Disciple
Something Only God Can Do
The Prodigal Son
A Tale of Two Hearts
A Healthy Heart
A New Year
2007 Sermons
Amazing Grace
What is Salvation
Renew My Church
What are we to be passionate about
Developing Passion
If we are the church What are we to do?
Back to the Basics - Thue Church
Who is Jesus, Does it Show
Facing Your Giant
Extreme Makeover in our Ministry
Extreme Makeover in work and play
Extreme Makeover in Our Married Life
Extreme Makeover in Our Family Life
Extreme Makeover of Our Personal Life
Extreme Makeover of Our Life
A Successful Church
The Bible and Everyday Life Part 4
The Bible and Everyday Life Part 3
The Bible and Everyday Life Part 2
The Bible and Everyday Life Part 1
Clarity vs. Trust
Dare to be Daniel
Jesus Resurrection - So What?
Are They Ever To Far Gone
Crying Out
A Man Like Us
Overcoming Barriers
Overcoming Me
Challenge 2007